Team2   Research Team for Fostering of Energetic Children and Good School Adaptation Support

No.1  Research on Healthy and Safe Development Support Programs based on University Resources

Team Leader:Kunihiro Matsunaga(Professor of Faculty of Humanities)

This year's fourth SST held at a local elementary school on November 13

The theme of the second semester is "Controlling feelings of irritation or annoyance."

The previous SST was on the signs people display when irritated or annoyed. This time, we considered ways to calm down when irritated or annoyed.

As methods for calming down when irritated or annoyed, the whole class carried out the "counting backwards method," which involves counting in your mind backwards from 10, and the "mantra method," which involves choosing your own mantra and reciting it in your mind.

After that, the children formed groups and imagined themselves in a situation where somebody jumps the queue at the hand washing area. The children engaged in a role-play activity based on this annoying situation, and were required to calm themselves down after being irritated or annoyed and tell the person who jumped the queue how they felt in a nice way.

Imagining themselves being annoyed, children in all the groups chose a method they preferred from among the two methods mentioned above and practiced calming themselves down. They did a great job in conveying their feelings to the person who jumped the queue.

Finally, we considered the "deep breath method" and the "image method" as ways to calm down when irritated or annoyed. We provided an explanation of the children's homework sheets so that it would be easier for them to remember the methods.

Many of the children said that the methods covered in the training would come in useful in daily situations.

We hope all children can find a suitable method to control their irritation and annoyance, utilize it in their daily life, and develop better relationships with those around them.

We plan to hold the next SST under the theme of "Asking when you don't understand."