Team2   Research Team for Fostering of Energetic Children and Good School Adaptation Support

No.1  Research on Healthy and Safe Development Support Programs based on University Resources

Team Leader:Kunihiro Matsunaga(Professor of Faculty of Humanities)

This year's fifth SST held at a local elementary school on February 5

This was the final SST, which had been held for the last three years.

This time, the theme was "Asking politely."

The role-play activity had been set in a situation where a child has to ask someone talking to other people in the hallway where the teacher is. Three important points in asking politely were introduced: (1) attract the attention of a person you want to speak to, (2) explain plainly what you want to know, and (3) express gratitude.

As in the previous SSTs, the children had worked hard in pairs to prepare themselves for the exercise. Some groups even modified the situation on their own to create a new scenario for practice, such as "a new junior high school student asks the teacher where the library is."

In the review session held at the end of the program, a student said, "I am very happy to have been trained in the skills today because I can use them when I go to junior high school."

The program had been held for three years, and every time I enjoyed watching children grow from the previous session.

I hope they will always remember what they have practiced and use them in their daily lives.