Team3   Social Activity Support / Active Elderly People Research Team

No.1  Research on a safe and effective prevention program using Slow Jogging®

Team Leader:Yoshinari Uehara(Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science , Institute for Physical Activity)

Twelve-month follow-up measurements for the health promotion program carried out!

One year has passed since we carried out the health tourism tour. This year, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has curtailed a variety of activities around the world and this program has also been severely limited. After Japan's national declaration of a state of emergency was lifted, we managed to carry out a one-year follow-up survey with the cooperation of the participants. After just one two-night, three-day health promotion program, participants were able to maintain reduced body weights. Naturally there were some people among the participants who returned to their original weight, and we felt that these people need more detailed support.

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