Team1   Life with Children Research Team

No.1  Research on Child Rearing Support Programs in the Community

Team Leader:Shinichiro Nagamitsu (Professor of Faculty of Medicine)

Lifesaving training course held at a nursery school

We held a lifesaving training course at a nursery school on March 25 and 26, 2021. We had been holding regular lifesaving training courses as part of the Fukuoka City Health and Safety Workshop (training session), one of the health and safety workshops organized by the Child Rearing Support Department, Children's Future Bureau, Fukuoka City, but we had been unable to hold the training session this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we decided to offer a lifesaving training course at a nursery school where Fukuoka University students go for practical training every year.

In the training course, participants brushed up their knowledge and skills in resuscitation and removing accidentally swallowed objects. Infection control measures were put in place, and the training was held in three separate sessions to reduce the number of participants in each session and maintain adequate distance. Using CPR dummies and AED training kits that are not usually available, participants were able to put their knowledge and skills in cardiac massage and AED operation to the test. (Due to concerns over COVID-19, participants could not try out their artificial respiration skills.) The participating nursery teachers and cooking staff were eager to learn, making the training course a great success.