Team3   Social Activity Support / Active Elderly People Research Team

No.2  Collaborating with gas companies to support elderly people living alone in the community

Leader:Michie Baba(Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine)

Project planning briefing held with representatives from a local gathering for the elderly held in Taguma, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City (April 24, 2021)

A project planning briefing was held at Taguma Elementary School's meeting room to discuss how to resume elderly-care support activities in 2021. The briefing was attended by 15 members of the gathering, representatives from Saibu Gas Customer Service Company Limited (hereafter Saibugas), members of the local Council of Social Welfare, and members of the teaching staff of Fukuoka University's School of Nursing. The gatherings had to be suspended last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first part of the briefing, we described the history, purpose, and details of previous elderly-care support activities. Next, Saibugas explained that its employees were planning various programs for the gathering.

The gatherings have been resumed in several districts to meet the needs of local elderly residents, with infection control measures in place. Wanting to make this year's activities more worthwhile, the members of the gathering listened eagerly and attentively, asking questions like, "How should we contact people to get them to participate?"

The briefing showed that local elderly residents were hoping for Saibugas employees to take part in the gatherings. Although COVID-19 continues to pose a threat and limit our activities, we intend to keep working toward contributing to the community by engaging in elderly-care support activities carried out through collaboration between industry, academia, and government.

(Article by Ueno)