Team2   Research Team for Fostering of Energetic Children and Good School Adaptation Support

No.1  Research on Healthy and Safe Development Support Programs based on University Resources

Team Leader:Kunihiro Matsunaga(Professor of Faculty of Humanities)

Gave a presentation on elementary school SST initiatives in an online workshop organized by the Japanese Association of Social Skills Training (JASST)

On Saturday, July 10, 2021, Professor Emeritus Sarada gave a talk under the title "SST in the Educational Field: Observations from a Three-year Program at an Elementary School" in an online workshop organized by JASST. The workshop's theme was "A more mobile, more colorful SST, which will pave the way to the 'mental plus' era," and there were about 300 participants, including JASST members and people suffering from mental illness as well as their families. We received comments such as the following: "I want to share it at an SST workshop for teachers" and "I want to show it to members of the board of education."