Team3   Social Activity Support / Active Elderly People Research Team

No.2  Collaborating with gas companies to support elderly people living alone in the community

Leader:Michie Baba(Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine)

Awarded Saibugas employees for excellent activities in elderly care support

We awarded gas meter readers and gas inspectors who engaged in excellent elderly-care support activities and contributed to the local community from April 2020 to March 2021. A total of 24 employees were awarded, including 5 from the West Office, 7 from the East Office, and 12 from other offices. The breakdown was as follows: 2 employees discovered an unattended death during work, 10 helped people lying on the road and people who had fallen over or been injured, 2 called for an ambulance and helped a dementia patient who had wandered off, and employees in charge of a particular district served as regular volunteers to support local seniors . We learned that some of the employees had put the training they received at Fukuoka University into practice. The employees were given a certification of recognition and gift at their respective offices, and applauded for their good work. The elderly-care support activities are visualized and shared among the staff at each office, and everyone understands that steady progress is being made.

The Fukusou Project is in its fifth year. Through activities such as communication training, geriatric simulation, BLS training, and elderly care support at local gatherings, a close relationship is developing between university and company, leading to stronger cooperation. We hope company employees can contribute to the local community even more by engaging in elderly care support.

( Article by Ms. Yoshikawa)