Team2   Research Team for Fostering of Energetic Children and Good School Adaptation Support

No.2  Students from the Sports Science Department Support Elementary School Physical Education Lessons

Leader:Masahiro Inui(Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science)

Effect of acute Coordination Exercise Program on psychological responses in Elementary School Children of eleven- to twelve-year-old

Yoshio Izuhara / Masahiro Inui

A study verifying the effects of coordination training was published in the Fukuoka University Repository (Bulletin of the Fukuoka University Teacher Training Course Center). Click here to read the study.

The study verified the psychological effects of acute coordination exercise on 53 sixth- grade students in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The children were divided into two groups, and instructed to perform an approximately 10-minute coordination exercise program (otedama beanbag exercise [see Table 1] and scarf exercise [see Table 2]). Each group followed the specifically designed procedure and order of the exercise program to which they were assigned to.


As a result, the team identified that different psychological effects were produced by each of the short (approx. 10 min) mild coordination exercise programs, i.e., otedama beanbag exercise program and scarf exercise program.

It was shown that the otedama beanbag exercise contributed to recovery from fatigue, while the scarf exercise helped reduce tension, improve vitality, and alleviate anger, among other effects.


The otedama beanbag exercise and scarf exercise implemented in the study are different exercise tools that can be used to treat different mental conditions: for instance, the otedama beanbag exercise for helping children recover from fatigue, and the scarf exercise for reducing tension and improving team communication. We hope the study's findings will make it easier to choose the types of exercise suitable for different mental conditions.