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Under Fukuoka University’s FUKUSOU PROJECT, we will further develop the research results we have received so far and work on solving the health problems of the local community from prenatal life to old age.

Through collaboration among three research teams, we aim to realize a sustainable and healthy society through measures focused on child rearing, school maladaptation and physical fitness improvement during school age and adolescence, as well as health promotion and social activity support for middle-aged and elderly persons.

Based on the “Active Fukuoka University” project carried out at Fukuoka University, we will actively deepen our cooperation with the local and industrial sectors, promote regional contributions, and improve the brand power of the university.

Fukuoka University President Masatoshi Yamaguchi Fukuoka University President Masatoshi Yamaguchi

Fukuoka University “FUKUSOU PROJECT”has started.
Using the university’s “Knowledge” to solve health issues from prenatal life to old age

Fukuoka University commenced its FUKUSOU PROJECT in August 2016, aiming to create a sustainable, healthy, and happy local society by solving the issues encountered at each stage of life, from pre-birth to old age.

There is an urgent need to establish a prevention-oriented system of dynamic people to maintain health standards by expanding health promotion measures and extending healthy life expectancies in Japan, where the society is severely aging and the birthrate declining. Fukuoka City, where Fukuoka University is located, is experiencing large influxes of young people. With a population exceeding 1.5 million people it is said to be a healthy city, but it also faces many problems. For those in the pregnancy/child-rearing period, it is necessary to create an environment where children can be born and raised with a peace of mind. Even after children are enrolled to school, support for children who are unable to adapt to school life for various reasons is required. In addition, there are major goals to prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and prolonging the period of good health (healthy life expectancy) when it comes to the middle-aged and the elderly.

Fukuoka University is the only university in Japan that houses a Faculty of Humanities, a Faculty of Social Science (with law, economics, and business departments), and a Faculty of Natural Science (with science, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and sports departments) on one campus. Under the slogan "Active Fukuoka University," we actively engage in volunteer activities and community activities as well as in education and research. In related facilities at Fukuoka University Hospital, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital and Fukuoka University Hakata Station International Medical Clinic, we offer community-based medical care, and at Fukuoka University Clinical Counseling Center, the school adaptation support classroom "Yutoriya" provides highly acclaimed experiential activities and counseling for elementary and junior high school students.

While making full use of the achievements of these departments, we will convert the "knowledge" of the university into "value" for the community by solving health problems from prenatal life to old age. We aim to promote the health of local citizens, prevent diseases, and develop innovative health service businesses. By implementing the project, we will establish a cooperative system with Fukuoka City, which has a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Fukuoka University, and the Fukuoka University Industry Academia Collaboration Council (with seventy-nine member companies). Furthermore, we will establish an external evaluation committee consisting of academic experts, industry experts, and local experts to check the progress and direction of the project.

Please get ready for important developments from the "FUKUSOU PROJECT."

Industry-academia-government regional collaboration <Creating an Energetic and Healthy Life~FUKUSOU PROJECT~>

Fukuoka University is committed to research for its stakeholders, namely “all people in the community,” in order to solve the problems at each life stage and allow everyone to have a healthy life both mentally and physically, from prenatal life to old age.

Dean of Graduate School of Sports and Health Science, Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science) Dean of Graduate School of Sports and Health Science, Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science)

FUKUSOU PROJECT Team Introduction
FUKUSOU PROJECT team introduction

Team 1

Prenatal/pregnancy~childbirth ~child-rearing period
Life with Children Research Team

Contact To Team 1
[e-mail] active-health@ml.fukuoka-u.ac.jp