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Fukuoka University aims to be a leading university of western Japan, developing in response to the needs of the times by providing the community with comprehensive education, research, and medical services. Through its Fukusou Project, the university works to help bring about a healthier and more sustainable society through addressing the health issues encountered by local residents, from pre-birth to old age. To that end, we have three research teams working on: (i) developing and implementing child rearing support programs, (ii) improving adaptation to school and physical fitness among schoolchildren and adolescents, and (iii) improving health and supporting social activity from middle to old age.

This project ended in March 2022 but we will continue to set our sights beyond research itself, actively strengthening Fukuoka University’s collaboration with both the local community and the industrial sector in order to further advance our implementation of research outcomes in society and our contribution to the community, thereby enhancing the university’s brand power.

Fukuoka University President Keijiro Saku Fukuoka University President Keijiro Saku

Fukuoka University “FUKUSOU PROJECT”has started.
Using the university’s “Knowledge” to solve health issues from prenatal life to old age

Fukuoka University commenced its FUKUSOU PROJECT in August 2016, aiming to create a sustainable, healthy, and happy local society by solving the issues encountered at each stage of life, from pre-birth to old age. We were chosen in 2017 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for a branding research project at a private university and we developed a 5 year project plan.

We announced our yearly progress through this website and received a lot of detailed comments from an external evaluation committee composed of 4 academic experts, 4 industry experts and 2 local experts. While continuing our project and reflecting it in the implementation plan for the following year, we achieved social implementation through holding an International Symposium, an exhibition of the university structure at Innovation Japan, cooperation seminars of industry, government and academia as well as cooperation projects and more. In February 2022 we released a video about the accomplishments of the 3 teams: Life with Children Research Team, Research Team for Fostering of Energetic Children and Good School Adaptation Support and Social Activity Support / Active Elderly People Research Team as our final report.

On March 7th 2022 we held a panel discussion "Let's talk about FUKU" about our achievements during 5 years and plans for future development with the representatives from the local governments, businesses, educational institutions and others. The debate was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has been recorded and is available to the public. We would appreciate your interest.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude for your great support in the FUKUSOU Project. From now on we will continue our efforts for a society of continued health and convert the "knowledge" of the university into "value" for the community to contribute in the creation of healthy times.

The project of university as a whole comes to an end but the University Industry Academia Collaboration Council will be further developed and we can expect a society of continued "FUKUSOU(Creating FUKU)".

Industry-academia-government regional collaboration <Creating an Energetic and Healthy Life~FUKUSOU PROJECT~>

Fukuoka University is committed to research for its stakeholders, namely “all people in the community,” in order to solve the problems at each life stage and allow everyone to have a healthy life both mentally and physically, from prenatal life to old age.

(Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science, Director of Institute for Physical Activity) (Professor of Faculty of Sports and Health Science, Director of Institute for Physical Activity)

FUKUSOU PROJECT Team Introduction
FUKUSOU PROJECT team introduction

Team 1

Prenatal/pregnancy~childbirth ~child-rearing period
Life with Children Research Team

Contact To Team 1
[e-mail] active-health@ml.fukuoka-u.ac.jp